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"Distribution is a real challenge facing us all over the coming years, so we're going to need all the players to tackle it together if we're to get the maximum benefit from it".

Saskia Gentil, Senior Vice President Sales - Europe & North Africa, Accor

"When it comes to recruitment and retention, we all have to work internally to come up with our own solutions. But it's also a common issue that affects the whole sector in France and abroad."

Olivier Cohn, CEO, BWH℠ Hotels, France

"We mustn't forget that the hotel business takes place in hotels, and we have employees with difficult jobs, so it's important to provide them with quality work tools."

Romain Gowhari, Deputy Managing Director & Co-founder, VICARTEM, Younight Hospitality

The Think Tank of the Hospitality Industry.

Join us on 29 of May and be part of the hospitality conference. Register to get notified about updates!


Next edition on May 29, 2024

8:30 am
Welcome networking

9:30 am
Welcome speech

Vanguelis Panayotis

9:35 am
MKG Insight: What's up, what's next?

Adrien Lanotte

10:05 am
AI opportunities or threats?

Gilles Moyse

10:40 am
CSR: towards a new global era?

Maxime Blondeau

11:10 am
The art of saying no

Michael Levie

11:45 am
Fun facts

Adrien Lanotte

11:55 am
Wrap up

Vanguelis Panayotis

12:00 pm
Networking lunch

12:15 pm
Young Talent Awards Ceremony

Young Talent Awards

2:00 pm

MKG Consulting

3:45 pm
BrainTrust restitution

MKG Consulting

4:00 pm
The hospitality story

Paul Dubrule

5:00 pm
Networking cocktail

8:30 am
Networking & welcome coffee

9:00 am
The positive impacts of Covid 19 on the industry

Vanguelis Panayotis

9:20 am
A new era of leisure, and many opportunities for the hospitality industry

Olivier Babeau

9:40 am
MKG Insight - Management: The new normal

Adrien Lanotte

10:00 am
What is the luxury in 2023?

Guy Bertaud

Nicolas Chatillon

Guillaume de Saint Lager

Adrien Lanotte

Éric Viale

10:30 am
Adapt to stay a leader

Alexis Boudrand

11:00 am
Networking break - book signing by Olivier Babeau

11:30 am
CSR: One person, one solution

Benjamin Altaras

Nathalie Bel Boussant

Gaspard de Moustier

Inge Huijbrechts

Adrien Lanotte

12:30 pm
Networking lunch

2:00 pm
Next gen session: Their point of view on hot topics

Hélène Gauthier

Romain Gowhari

Solenne Ojea Devys

Éric Omgba

2:30 pm
The heavy burden of rules and regulations and how to make the best of it

Marie Audren

Jean-Virgile Crance

3:00 pm
A 2023 vision of Human resources

Olivier Cohn

3:30 pm
A new era in distribution

Saskia Gentil

4:00 pm
CEO's Keynote

Fabrice Collet

4:30 pm
Closing remarks

Vanguelis Panayotis

4:40 pm
Networking cocktail

Gilles Moyse

Chairman of reciTAL, PhD in artificial intelligence

Maxime Blondeau

Author, speaker and entrepreneur

Michael Levie

Co-founder, Citizen M, transformational hospitality advisory

Paul Dubrule

Co-founder, Accor Group

Unique in every way, an exceptional venue across from the Palais Garnier.

This year’s conference is going to be held both online and offline. A lot of surprises and discoveries are in store at the venue.


Experienced professionals share secrets for big success.


Meet the French and European leaders in hospitality.


Analyse important industry data. Stay on top of the industry.


A programme focusing on marketing, digital, sustainable development, etc.

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The Think Tank of the Hospitality Industry.

Join us on 29 of May and be part of the hospitality conference. Register to get notified about updates!